Nursing Philosophy

" Caring is the essence of Nursing "-- Dr. Jean Watson

Nursing philosophy is a statement that refers to values, belief and ethics of a nurse in relation to the care and treatment of patients. It is crucial for a nurse to understand nursing philosophy and align these with their own perspectives and values in order to deliver the most effective and quality patient care (Alligood, 2017).

Nursing philosophy highlights a nurse’s thought regarding what they believe to be right about the nursing profession while providing a basis for nursing activities (Alligood, 2017). Personal values and beliefs play a vital role in determining which nursing philosophy has to be followed. There are many reasons why nursing philosophy is important to nurses. For instance, the philosophy helps nurses understand better their nursing role within the profession. In addition, philosophy helps nurses to think critically and reflect on how their own values influences their practice.


Learning nursing theories have helped me to shape my own values and belief. Jean Watson’s philosophy of caring is defined as the outcomes of nursing activities regarding the humanistic aspects of life. It aligns towards the nursing philosophy of humanism (Alligood, 2017). I have shaped my personal nursing philosophy within the contents of this theory. These include values of kindness, love of self and others and concern and respect for the spiritual dimensions of patient. For instance, my personal philosophy is reflected through the improvement in the caring process of myself and my loved ones whereas my professional philosophy is reflected through the improvement in the caring process of my patients and my professional skills. This is important for as it helps me make career goals that are achievable.

My nursing philosophy revolves around the practice of art. This helps me to improve my skills related to my profession. This philosophy also enables me to become a successful nurse by identifying and improving nursing related skills (Alligood, 2017). It also helps indicate areas of improvement in my nursing competency and care delivery techniques.

Being a nursing professional, I would align my personal values and philosophies with the nursing philosophies. Regarding my personal philosophy, I have emphasized upon improving the care-delivery process. I am engaged in working with diverse range of patients, which is improving my skills and contributing in shaping my professional philosophy. In this manner, I have worked on my personal philosophy and improved my skills (Kim, 2015).

In conclusion, it is crucial for all nurses to follow the nursing philosophies in order to deliver the compassionate and empathetic care to the patients. Jean Watson’s theory has helped me tremendously in shaping my personal and professional philosophy as nurse.


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